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COVID disinfectants

The Environmental Protection Agency created a list of disinfectants (“List N”) that kill the virus that causes COVID‑19. Yet many disinfectants carry an increased health risk, especially to respiratory systems. This website helps you easily find the safer disinfectants from the list. Filter the list for every Surface Type and Use Site.

“List N” Disinfectants

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Are the disinfectants you’re using Safer or Increased Risk?

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The disinfectant list includes disinfectants for use on inanimate objects such as countertops and fabrics. Our list shares the same content as “List N” on the EPA website. We additionally assessed each disinfectant for risk level of the active ingredients (and offer a somewhat more sophisticated interface).
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How To Use

You may just scroll down and read the list of disinfectants, or interact with the list via Find, Sort, Filter, and Charts. (There is also an API available for Web Developers.)
  • Download the “Quick Guide for How to Use the List” PDF, or
  • Visit the full “How to Use the List” page.
How to Use the List

“Use Sites”

The list includes disinfectants applied in up to three Use Sites.

  • Institutional
  • Healthcare
  • Residential

Note (sadly) that even for disinfectants approved for Healthcare use, most have increased risk.

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Safer Disinfectants is a project of the Maryland Pesticide Education Network.

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