EPA adds two increased-risk disinfectants (Crow, and DisinfeX Disinfecting Wipes) to “List N”

Today EPA added two more disinfectants to List N that have human health impacts. Both Crow, and DisinfeX Disinfecting Wipes are designed for hard, nonporous surfaces. DisinfeX Disinfecting Wipes are additionally used on items that have contact with food. Both products contain the increased-risk ingredient quaternary ammonium.

Crow is manufactured by W.M. Barr & Company Inc, which also has had five other disinfectants approved for SARS-CoV-2 use, and placed on list N. All six of their disinfectants contain either quaternary ammonium or sodium hypochlorite (active ingredients that cause harm to human health).

DisinfeX Disinfecting Wipes are the only product on the list from Edward Roberts LLC.